cultural ministerToday was the Investiture Ceremony in our school. I have been given the responsibility of the Minister of Cultural. For this I took pledge. The pledge was :


We, student leaders of St. Joseph’s Convent School Bhopal, promise to do our best to fulfill our duties.

We, promise to work in co-operation with all the ministers of our school.

So help us God.

laviza_cultural_ministerI am feeling very proud to become the Cultural Minister. I thank all my Sisters, Teachers and school staffs for giving me such opportunity.

Investiture ceremony is one of the most important events of any school. It is here that we entrust faith and hope in our newly appointed school council. Every student who obtained leadership role feels proud and responsible citizen. The celebration on that very day makes every child who is elected as leader feel proud as well as sense of responsibility to be leaders in making for tomorrow.

Before the pledge our school Prime Minister take a parade. Various activities was performed after the parade. Officer has given the badges to all the ministers. At the last but not the least our school band performed National Anthem.